Vacancy: Project Coordinator for

Project Summary is a website that serves as a community monitor of health service provision in Egypt. Through this portal detailed information on service quality in Egyptian hospitals and other health facilities becomes accessible to the public

For each published score, three appraisals are carried out in parallel (by independent) community assessors. Also, website viewers are allowed to enter their personal feedback on the website or request that a specific hospital be assessed, both of which reduces the possibility of bias and encourages citizens to participate in promoting social accountability in the Egyptian context.

The criteria, according to which assessments take place, were generated following extensive field research involving medical staff and patients, to ensure that important determinants of health service quality are covered. Finally, a document including the results is validated and approved by all local networks.

The aim of this project is to promote social accountability, informed decision-making and active citizenship, since all assessments are carried out by trained community members.

Job responsibilities

We are looking for candidates who are willing to take on diverse tasks necessary to make project implementation smooth and successful. The responsibilities will include:

  • Act as a key point of contact between Shamseya, the implementing team, communities and other stakeholders
  • Execute the national plan while following up with the project director.
  • Regularly review internal processes and suggest systematic solutions to problems, with the aim of optimizing performance of involved stakeholders
  • Map local NGOs and collaborate on recruiting local coordinators and volunteers for each area
  • Managing local and national teams and observing their work progress.
  • National travels to train local teams on the community monitoring tools and to carry out other functions
  • Work with other team members on data validation and verification, analysis and publishing
  • Attend meetings with local and national partners
  • Represent the project and effectively communicate its objectives, activities and methodology to the relevant stakeholders
  • Maintain communication with different partners including local and national NGOs, international organizations and governmental bodies.
  • Manage finances related to implementation of the activities and documenting expenses
  • Continuously seek to expand the scope and efficiency of the project to include more partners, studies, publications, trainings, activities and other
  • Grant researching and writing
  • Diversify the utilization of the collected data to maximize project impact, e.g. explore new media to disseminate the data, better visualize information, adopt new advocacy strategies, integrate outcomes into in research papers and academic writings, etc.


  • High degree of social competence and personal diplomatic skills.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and correctly with a broad range of stakeholders and people of diverse backgrounds
  • Strong community facilitation skills
  • Presentation, organizational and report-writing skills and ability to work under stress
  • Language: Excellent written and spoken Arabic is a must, English would be an asset
  • Demonstrated capacity and commitment to solve day to day program issues.
  • Ability to use smartphones, PC (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) and internet programs, especially Google Documents/Spreadsheets
  • Must be a strong multi-tasker and be able to independently prioritize duties
  • Identifies and solves problems in a timely manner
  • Willingness to work collaboratively, but with the capacity to work independently

As part of our recruitment process, we would like to invite interested candidates to share with us their ideas on the following issue together with the CV.

As you can understand from the website, we recruit volunteers to act as local coordinators who manage the hospital assessment process in the different governorates. Recently, we have been challenged by the resigning of several local coordinators, which is why we would like you to send us your thoughts on:

How can we better retain our local coordinators and build an effective incentive system for volunteers?

If you have ideas, please submit them and you may be contacted by the team for a discussion. If you have inquiries, please feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, please send your ideas as well as your CV to